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Category: Opinion

Steve Hendrix Watch Party

Our District 2 taxpayers deserve representation

[ 0 ] August 24, 2016

Since Sept. 8, 2015 one third of Rogers County’s residents have been paying county taxes with no say in how that money is spent and no say in county policies that directly affect them. That’s how long the residents of District 2 have been without a voting county commissioner, and it is time for that [...]

John and Faith Wylie, Leader publishers

A letter to our friends

[ 0 ] August 17, 2016

By John and Faith Wylie, Publishers John wrote the brief biographies of our ten new teachers this week. Almost all of them agree about why they are coming here—this is such a caring community and the school is incredible because it has such an amazing staff and public support. Faith and John can certainly relate [...]

Leader/Carolyn Estes.  Honoring those who served on the Will Rogers Memorial Commission. The “partnership” celebration brought Will Rogers Memorial Commission members from the past to join the most recent members. The group dedicated a tree on the grounds in honor of Commission’s contributions. Past Commissioners Argene Clanton of Vinita, Paul Johnson of Tulsa, Pat Crume, Judge Steve Pazzo, Ted Jones and Cara Cowan Watts, along with Steve Turnbo of Tulsa, Philip Hixon of Owasso, Phil Albert, Bill Baird and Jack Spinks of Claremore and Jennifer Rogers Etcheverry of California were among celebrants.

Fond memories, a bright future

[ 0 ] July 13, 2016

LAKEVIEWS By JOHN M. WYLIE II, EDITOR Last Thursday brought a mixture of nostalgia and excitement to Rogers County as preserving Will Rogers’ legacy was formally reassigned from an independent commission to the Oklahoma Historical Society. The reception that drew about 200 to the Will Rogers Memorial had some bittersweet moments but also offered bright [...]

Why Trump?

Why Trump?

[ 0 ] June 30, 2016

 Spitting in the wind. “Why Trump?” Part I:  Now the Cowboys are the Indians By Jim Norwine, Columnist “There is a time appointed for all things. Think how many animals we have destroyed. Snow today is water tomorrow. The dry leaves of autumn not long ago were green and vigorous. We are part of the [...]

Jean Oliver

Leader endorses Jean Oliver

[ 0 ] June 22, 2016

Jean Oliver, State Senate District 29 When this area was moved from Senate District 2 to District 29, we were concerned about joining a district where Bartlesville was the center. Senator John Ford quickly earned our trust, as he had earned respect from colleagues in both parties, through his hard work, staunch defense of public [...]

Heat sizzles in race for Congress

Heat sizzles in race for Congress

[ 1 ] June 22, 2016

John Wylie looks at the battles in Tuesday’s Primary Elections. Here are some of his thoughts on the Jarrin Jackson vs. Markwayne Mullin race for Second District Congress. We were shocked by the Tulsa World’s scurrilous attack on Jackson’s judgment and military service Monday, based on seven words taken out of context from an out-of-state [...]

Oklahoma’s tarnished image

Oklahoma’s tarnished image

[ 1 ] June 3, 2016

A scientific study reported on the front page of today’s Tulsa World confirms Publisher John Wylie’s “Lakeviews” editorial this week. He reports how recent legislative antics and executive branch incompetence are destroying Oklahoma’s national image; praises leaders in both parties who are trying to reverse the trend and show the world the real beauty and [...]

Spitting in the wind 4: Okie “Good Stuff”

Spitting in the wind 4: Okie “Good Stuff”

[ 1 ] March 4, 2016

My Correct Views on Everything1 JIM NORWINE “You retired to Oklahoma?!” Such was the chorus of incredulity Lottie and I heard a few years ago, and from natives as well as Texicans and other aliens. It was usually followed by a litany of Okie “sins”: bad school funding, drivers zooming through yellow-red lights, poor public [...]

Spitting in the wind 3: Meaning Part II—Is meaning like Hula Hoops?

Spitting in the wind 3: Meaning Part II—Is meaning like Hula Hoops?

[ 0 ] March 4, 2016

My Correct Views on Everything1 By JIM NORWINE In my last column I sketched two competing ideas, one that reality is meaning-filled and the other than it is meaning-empty, and I used the example of compassion as a value that is in turn real in the first case and unreal in the latter. The recent [...]

Spitting in the wind 2: Meaning

Spitting in the wind 2: Meaning

[ 0 ] January 28, 2016

By Jim Norwine A recent NY Times opinion piece2 explained that, “We’re doomed” because we now finally know with absolute clarity that the sourest possible lemon confronts us. It’s hard to describe this lemon in a word or two but for the time being let’s call it the “missingness” of something we always thought to [...]