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Trail of Tears story featured in Leader

[ 5 ] September 7, 2011 |

"They Cried on the Trail" is a serial story for young readers written by Carolyn Estes and illustrated by Blake Hope.

A new serial story for young readers began Sept. 8 in the Oologah Lake Leader and runs through Oct. 27.

“They Cried on the Trail” is a weekly chapter story that follows two Cherokee Indian children as they journey to Oklahoma on what would become the Trail of Tears. 

The historical fiction story is provided exclusively to Oklahoma newspapers by the Oklahoma Newspaper Foundation. One chapter will appear each week.

The eight-chapter serial tells the fictional story of John Whitefeather and his parents’ six-month trek after being forced to leave their home in Georgia. They find a new friend, Sally, during the 1,000-mile journey to Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  The names of the children are fictional and the story is not based on any real family.

The series was written by Carolyn Estes of the Oologah Lake Leader. Illustrations are by Blake Hope, an Oologah college student.

Serial stories are short novels published as individual chapters in the newspaper.

Kids can create their own scrapbook for “They Cried on the Trail.” To create a scrapbook, gather between 6 and 10 sheets of paper and place several staples along the left edge. On the front page design a cover illustration and write the story’s title. Cut out each chapter from the newspaper and paste or attach it to the pages of the book. After eight weeks the story will be complete.

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  1. Jean Farmer says:

    I get the Oologah paper and didn’t cut out the first story on They cried on the Trail of Tears. I am cutting them out to put in my genealogy information. My gr gr grandmother came on the trail of tears and was the last survivor. Her name was Rebecca Tickaneesky, Neugin, Smith. I would like to know how to get a copy of the first story as my paper got thrown out. Thank you,

  2. I live in Wann, Ok. but don’t subscribe to the Examiner-Enterprise. I happened to see my son’s copy and would like to have the rest of the copies of this story. It is very interesting. I have the 1st and 2nd issues. Send me an email as to how you would like to do this. Thank you. Lucille Robinett

    • Leader says:

      You can purchase copies of the Leader from us or you can check with Bartlesville. We have published through Chapter 5. Copies are 75cents each plus postage to send them to you. Sorry, but we can’t put the story up on the internet for copyright reasons. After it has run in all the newspapers, Carolyn hopes to publish it as a printed chapter book.

  3. Carol Swango says:

    I missed the second chapter and will be out of town and miss the 7th and 8th chapters and want to get them for my Granddaughter. Would really like to know if and when they are prined in a chapter book.