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Tulsa resident fights local cop, faces 8 counts

[ 0 ] June 4, 2014 |


John Purdy


City Editor

An altercation at Garden Walk apartments Friday led to the arrest of a Tulsa man and a wrestling match with an Oologah police officer.

Officer Brent Holmes was dispatched to the apartment complex at 12:14 p.m. In his report, Holmes said the victim, Carrie Harmon told him her niece’s boyfriend, John Purdy, 21, had thrown her to ground after an argument over rent money.

Harmon stated that after throwing her to the ground he took $200 from her wallet and then ran out the door,” Holmes said.

Holmes called for an ambulance to check the woman’s injuries. Bystanders told Holmes the suspect had ran through the complex and into the woods.

Holmes saw the suspect and yelled at him to stop running, but he took off. Holmes went back to check on the victim. He asked her to make a formal statement and then he left the scene.

At 1:42 p.m. Holmes was called to Roger’s Mini Stop. The maintenance man from the apartments had seen Purdy go into the restroom at the convenience store.

Holmes waited for several minutes outside the door. When Purdy came out, he placed him into custody.

After a search, he found a woman’s wallet in Purdy’s pocket. Purdy said it belonged to his girlfriend.

Holmes found a set of ten $20 bills and a set of 15 $20 bills folded in half and a half smoked joint that field tested for marijuana. Purdy told Holmes that Harmon was crazy so he took his girlfriend’s wallet, with their money and ran.

I then asked him why he ran from me and the fire department. He stated because he knew how we are,” Holmes wrote in his report.

Holmes placed Purdy in the back of his patrol car and started driving to the apartments for the victim to identify him. Purdy started stretching his arms trying to get the handcuffs in front of him. Holmes would later find more drugs on the suspect.

I think he was trying to release the cuffs to remove the drugs from his socks,” Holmes said.

Holmes stopped the car and tried to reposition the handcuffs, but Purdy resisted. Holmes eventually sprayed pepper spray into Purdy’s eyes, but he continued to resist, according to the report.

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