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Claremore responds to Open Records Act lawsuit

[ 0 ] March 26, 2014 |

Jim Thomas, Claremore city manager, responded Wednesday to a lawsuit filed Tuesday against the City of Claremore by Vinita law firm Ward Lee & Coats alleging that requested documents were not provided.

“The documents requested were made available to the Attorneys in question and that was communicated to them by Mr. Ballard,” Thomas said. “The City does not have an obligation to hand carry such a request to those who have asked, nor is the City in the business of reading lawyers minds.”

Thomas’ comments were received after the Leader went to press Wednesday morning.

Matt Ballard, who is Claremore city attorney, responded with a statement on Tuesday.

“Mr. Ballard was speaking for his campaign and not the City,” Thomas said.

“The City of Claremore is transparent in its communications with the public and news organizations,” Thomas said.

The earlier story is in this week’s Leader and e-Leader.

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