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Snow cancels classes again

[ 0 ] March 5, 2014 |


Kaydance Battles and Devin Lynes (left) and Renn and Hannah Christiansen charge towards each other and fire away in an energetic snowball fight Monday afternoon at Harbour Creek. Oologah students were out of school after a brutal winter storm brought snow, ice and freezing temperatures to the area.


City Editor

Winter is reeking havoc on the Oologah school calendar.

Superintendent Rob Armstrong is struggling with the same question many school leaders in Oklahoma are asking. How to make up an abundance of snow days this school year?

Oologah has had nine snow days after classes were canceled Monday and Tuesday for the latest winter storm that roared through the area Sunday. Armstrong and his staff worked Monday and Tuesday clearing the huge amount of snow on campus. He said some areas had snow drifts that were eight to twelve inches tall.

This maybe the worst storm we’ve seen as far as snow accumulation on campus,” Armstrong said. “The county came in Tuesday with a front end loader and helped us clear the parking lots. We wouldn’t have been able to make that much progress without their help.”

Armstrong said they tried clearing the parking lots on Monday, but it was very difficult because of the cold temperatures and ice underneath the snow. 

Armstrong said the district has already made up two snow days. He said they will probably make up one day on May 23 which was scheduled as a professional development day.

Oologah has extra hours built into the calendar to meet state requirements. Armstrong said those hours can be used to make up the snow days, but he’s also looking at other options to make up the missed class time.

He said they could add time to the school day, or add days to the end of the school year. There are three snow days built in for May 27-29, but Armstrong would like to avoid being in session past Memorial Day.

We’re going to do everything we can to avoid going into June and we’d like to avoid going into Memorial Day. Hopefully the winter weather is over but if we do get any more weather we might have to go into June.” he said.


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