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First graders offer turkey tips

[ 0 ] November 26, 2013 |

Oologah Pre-K student Lane Underwood and his parents Tammy and Kevin Underwood smile for a picture at the lower elementary Thanksgiving lunch last Thursday.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but first we have the season to be stuffed.

Not you, the turkey. And ‘tis the season where you can’t get away from “experts” telling you how to cook the perfect turkey for the holiday feast.

Some of our first grade students have come up with truly unique ways to put a scrumptious bird on the table.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Leader and Oologah-Talala schools. Please enjoy the recipes exactly as their creators wrote them, but we will not be responsible for the consequences if anyone actually tries any of them at home.



First I biy it at Womert. I tac it hom. I tac oll uv the naste stuff and cook the turkey. I set the uvin. I set on 3 ugeres 20 minsi.



First you unwrap the turkey thein next put the turkey in the uvin for 9 awrs and 4 dgres. Last tayke the turkey and let it colle off and thein put seeseg in.



First you biy it then you put it in a pan next you put it in a uvin then you put it in your drgres to 60. Last you take it out then you put siseing on.



First you buy the trke or kill it. Next take all the bones owt set for 60 minit then put in ovn fer 400. last you take it and eat it.



First you find the turkey. Then you shout it. After you shot it you put it in the oven two mins. Then you put degres 30 degres. Last you take it out. And you eat it.



First buy a turkey go home put in oven for 20 minits 20 dgreis. Next then take the turkey out of the oven then take all of the sesuneing out. Last then eat it.



First you get your gun in then you kill it and then you put it in the oven

and win you come to my hous it wil be on a owl plate. I live on Klover Krek

an win you come it will be finist. I wil hav a dog outsid it wont bit you – My

mom and dad to.



First you go out and cilit then you take it, and take of the fethers, and

scin it and then you wash it and the you sisin it and you bak it and then

You eat.



First you get two eggs. Crack them in a cup. Mix it up. Next get pork and

meat chop it up. Then mix the egg with pork and meat. Finally you eat it!



You have to oil it. You have to tack the fethers off. You have to skin it.

You have to seesin it. You have to cook it. You have to seesin it. Then

you in enaoy it.



First you cil it. Then you wax theTurkey. After that you stuff it. Nakyt you

sesin it. Aftr you poot it in the stove. Finle eat it.



Frst you shoot the turkey in the head with the shot gun. Next we pool the

turkey’s fethrs owt with yor hand. Next we put it in the uven. Nest we

eat the turkey.



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