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Homecoming brings Thanksgiving early

[ 2 ] November 20, 2013 |


City Editor

Some moms will pack a surprise in their children’s lunch.

A lunch surprise Monday for two Oologah third graders was way too big for a lunch box.

Twin brothers, Bryson and Matt McGuire were eating in the cafeteria when their father, Senior Master Sgt. Jeff McGuire walked up behind them. Sgt. McGuire had just returned home from serving inAfghanistan.

When the boys turned around and saw him, they yelled “Dad” and jumped up and ran into his arms crying tears of joy.

The boy’s mother, Danna McGuire, learned her husband would be coming home about a week ago. She said it was very difficult to keep the secret from her sons and not spoil the surprise homecoming.

“They just kept saying he’ll be home in a couple of weeks,” Danna McGuire said. “It was hard not to tell them.”

Sgt. McGuire got intoTulsaearly Monday morning. When one of the boys realized how their mother had fooled them, he said “that’s why you left so early this morning.”

Sgt. McGuire has served in the military for 17 years. He went through four deployments inIraqwith the Air Force National Guard. On his last tour of duty, he was stationed inKandaharfor three months.

Sgt. McGuire doesn’t think he will be deployed to theMiddle Eastagain. He will get to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with his family and he’s glad to be home for the foreseeable future.

When Sgt. McGuire was asked if he would let the boys finish out the school day Monday or check them out early, he said they hadn’t decided. The boys voiced their preference to go home and spend time with their dad.

One of the first things Sgt. McGuire and his sons want to do together is go hunting. Another item on their to-do list is getting the boys haircuts. Both boys like to get their hair cut in the “high and tight” military style, just like their dad.


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  1. SGT Yoesting says:

    Thank you for your service Mst SGT McGuire.. All of us old Vets are behind you and are greatful.

  2. Spc. Schrader says:

    Thank you Sgt. McGuire for your service! So glad you’re home safe!