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Why I get up in the morning

[ 0 ] October 23, 2013 |

By John M. Wylie II

Several years ago, the Oklahoma Publisher started a series of profiles of publishers around the state. One of the questions it asks each participant is what makes us want to get out of bed in the morning.

I can’t remember my answer, but I filled out the form in a hurry and I doubt it was anything insightful.

Since my health started south 18 months ago, getting out of bed takes a lot more work and I’ve given that question a lot more thought.

This week’s paper offers tangible evidence of the answer.

* We have a one-act play that will compete for statewide honors. Our young actors and actresses and the very talented teacher who leads them are taking the special risk of performing a comedy. Year after year, this program produces leaders in a variety of academic fields. What a joy!

* We have an unranked football team that gave the top team in Class 4A a real run for its money. Again this week the Mustangs are involved in one of the Tulsa World’s Top 10 games of the week. Even more important, Mustang teams are made up of gentlemen (and the ladies who assist and cheer on the sidelines) untainted by scandal. That makes us all proud.

* Our softball team went to the state tournament—again.

* Our fourth graders are again doing three performances of a play honoring Oklahoma’s favorite son, Will Rogers, on his birthday. They will perform for hundreds of adults and students from across the state.

Those are fairly typical stories for a fairly typical week.

I like to say that we have one child of our own and perhaps 4,000 adopted children—the graduates of Oologah High School since we bought the newspaper in 1984.

We’re proud of our adopted children, and delighted that many who have moved away come back to visit us when they come home.

While we do many different kinds of stories each week, all in some way are designed to make certain our adopted children—a number that now grows by well over 100 a year—have the best possible chance of success in a town that provides them a great place to grow up.

So why do I get out of bed each morning? Simple—there are more projects to pursue, more young leaders to encourage and more work to do.

With that kind of challenge—and the support of the community we’ve enjoyed for three decades—getting out of bed each morning is easy.

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