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Questions dog grand jury effort

[ 3 ] September 18, 2013 |
The folks pushing for a Grand Jury and the OSBI to investigate the DA and two county commissioners say they are fighting for truth, justice and the American way. So why do they keep running afoul of rules and laws governing such efforts? See Part 2 of the Leader’s ongoing investigation on the front page of this week’s paper, now available all over Oologah, Talala and Tacora Hills or via our E-Leader complete electronic edition.

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  1. Brian Anderson the Oologah Republican says:

    Sorry Grand Jury Petitioners not everyone will drink from your mason jar. The petitioners took the word of a guy who has been confirmed by D.A.Duncan as a liar. Come on folks,what makes you think he would not lie to you so he can get what he wants? Mr. Wylie please print why Singer and the Claremore Rag continues to push the Grand Jury agenda against the D.A. They have a motive and it is not for people of Rogers County! For shame on you for pretending to be doing this for the people of Rogers County!!

    • Paula Abney says:

      It seems to me that the Singer issue is a very small portion of the Grand Jury Petition. Yet it seems the Oologah Lake Leader is trying to make it the whole issue. Mr Wylie, please print why your “rag” seems to be nothing more than a PR release for the DA’s office. It’s almost like you are being paid by them. That is what seems to be your motive.

      • Leader says:

        Investigator Singer is the glue behind the entire situation. It would take far more space than I have here to detail why, but the motives are the usual ones–money, power, prestige, influence and self-protection. As for the issue of being paid–we’ve reported many times that our sister company, WCI, does work for both the Steidley campaign and her office, under contract. We have current or past clients literally worldwide. Just as no advertiser buys news/editorial space in the newspaper, no client buys anything in the newspaper. They buy our advice and services and the products we produce such as websites, brochures, billboards, etc. However, we don’t take on clients who we don’t consider completely honest and ethical–and we fire ones who turn out not to be. Thank you for your comments, and if you wish to write a letter to the editor please keep it 300 words or under, don’t libel or slander anyone, sign your name and follow a few other basic rules but disagree with us all you want. We’ll be happy to publish it. It should go to my personal email address by 5 p.m. of the week you want it published (earlier is better in case we have questions) and that address is on p.2 of ever issue of the newspaper. Thanks again for writing.