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[ 0 ] September 11, 2013 |

Hot grease assault at Mexican eatery shows misery caused by cops’ war vs. DA

For more than a year, the Oologah Lake Leader has been gathering documents and conducting interviews in an investigation of the relationship between District Attorney Janice Steidley and area law enforcement agencies. While some of the material has been used in breaking news story, this week’s newspaper contains the first installment of an ongoing series. The 3,000-word package focuses on the Claremore Police Department’s mishandling of a single case, that of a young man with a wife and two children, who was disfigured for life when a coworker doused him with scalding cooking grease from head to chest. Police tried to blame the DA at a news conference, not knowing that documents clearly outlined the blame–and raised even more chilling allegations described in an accompanying editorial.
This is must reading if you care about the Rogers County justice system and unlike the Sports Illustrated “investigation” of OSU football, there are no unattributed quotes or hidden sources. Every word is documented.
This investigation is available only in print copies available on newsstands or to our valued print and E-Leader subscribers. Comments based on documented facts are welcome in our letters column. Send letters to (300 word limit) and attach any documentation needed to support previously unreported facts.
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