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‘Thrill kill’ case brings chilling memories

[ 0 ] September 4, 2013 |

 By JOHN M. WYLIE II, Editor

What authorities call a “thrill killing” in Duncan has made some area residents queasy.

It should.

Almost three decades ago, there was a chillingly similar incident here. Fortunately, the Rogers County shooter had lousy aim and the victim lived to testify against him.

The Rogers County case began the night of Feb. 7, 1986 when a 17-year-old from Talala named Michael Austin Fowler went to a beer party in Claremore with friends from the Alternative Learning Center, according to later court testimony.

Fowler left the party for a while after he borrowed a .22-caliber rifle.

When he got back, he returned the gun and said he had shot “this f—-r.” Then he and three of his buddies drove to College Hill where 19-year-old Mark McKinney was being helped towards Rogers State College by two friends.

He again told his pals he had shot “this f—-r,” a Claremore resident he had apparently never met.

A total of six witnesses, including his then-girlfriend, said Fowler had bragged about the shooting that night.

He denied it and, when he was asked to explain, he said on the witness stand, “(T)hey’re all lying.”

Read the rest of the story in this week’s Oologah Lake Leader.

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