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Cycle driver identified. Wreck kills one, injures another

[ 12 ] August 28, 2013 |

A motorcyclist was killed in an accident on US 169 this afternoon.


A motorcyclist was killed and the driver of an SUV was seriously injured about 4:30 p.m. Saturday when a 2013 Harley Davidson slammed into a Chevy Trailblazer at US 169 and 4070 Rd.

The cyclist has been identified as Michael P. Smith, age 49, of Bartlesville.

The driver of the SUV was identified as Russell Reed, 28, of Oologah.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Russell Cissne said the SUV was traveling north on US 169 and “failed to yield while making a left turn” into the path of the motorcycle.

The Harley struck the passenger side door of the Trailblazer, which overturned 1-1/4 times and landed on its side on 4070Road.

The impact left a deep V-shaped cave-in on a large section of the SUV’s passenger side. Northwest firefighters had to cut off the roof to free Reed, who was trapped about 15 minutes.

Smith was pronounced dead as soon as emergency personnel reached the scene, and his body was immediately covered. It had to be left on the highway until troopers could arrive to begin their investigation, officials said.

Reed was treated by OTEMS medics andNorthwestRogersCountyfirefighters until he was transported by an AirEvac helicopter ambulance to St. JohnMedicalCenterinTulsa.

He was admitted in stable condition with head and trunk internal injuries, the patrol said. No condition update has been available since Saturday.

Repeated written requests made to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol under the Oklahoma Open Records Act for the full identification of the driver, including his middle name, date of birth and verification of his home town, were ignored.

The issue is important due to reader inquiries about his traffic record. Also, the Trailblazer apparently was purchased from a used car dealership July 3 and its dealer tag, issued by aCollinsvillefirm, appeared to be expired according to media pictures taken at the scene.

The tag showed a purchase date of July 3 and according to state regulations, such tags are good only for 30 days.

Inquiries about the driver’s traffic record or license plate status could not be pursued without more detailed information from OHP because the name Russell Reed is relatively common inOklahoma.

The patrol said Smith was not wearing a helmet. Reed’s airbag deployed, but it was unknown if he had his seatbelt fastened. The condition of both drivers and the cause of the accident all were listed as “under investigation.

Trooper Cissne was assisted by Trooper Brad Debell and Lt. Ward Oliphant. All are with Troop B. Cissne and Debell are with theRogersCountydetachment and Lt. Oliphant is from theTulsaCountydetachment. Oologah and Talala police provided law enforcement and traffic control until troopers could arrive.

Traffic on the highway was slowed for about 90 minutes, but it was never closed. AirEvac landed and took off at the large parking lot of an adjacent church.

The driver of the SUV was transported by Air Evac to St. John Tulsa

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Comments (12)

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  1. rebecca says:

    This was so tragic. We had beem going to cville at this time and I had to of just happened. It was very wrong for all the people standing between the twostaring at the gentalme on the motorcycle, laying liveless in the road. The could have him up with something or pulled one of the cars in front so the whole highway to see. If I was this gentlemen family I would be irrate. We will be thinking about all parties and thdir famolies involved. In our prayers.

    • Vickie Adizas says:

      It is best protocol to not disturb an accident scene. Covering the man up before EMS or the hwy patrol arrived may have disturbed evidence. A person needs to be exactly as is until help arrives, (unless not moving them poses an emergency). Placing a cloth over the deceased man may soak up blood, and EMS may need to know how much blood was lost, for their report. And the amount of blood may tell what happened, etc. I was there. Nothing was done in disrespect. There was an individual who wanted to cover him, but doing so may have disturbed the scene. That is why he wasn”t covered in the beginning.

      • Leader says:

        Covering the body was actually handled amazingly quickly considering there was a critical patient requiring extrication also involved. The matter was handled with great respect and when one covering proceed inadequate a second was located and draped so no part showed. Blocking the road was not feasible due to the need for access to the wreckage and to not disturb glass patters, skid marks, etc. I’ve worked fatalities for 42 years and the professionals here as good as you will see anywhere, big or small. And most of the spectators had a legitimate reason for being there, as a witness or in some other capacity. Fortunately, no family was near that anyone knows of and those shooting the scene stopped when the body was partially uncovered.

  2. rebecca says:

    Thank you for explaining. Like I said when we drove by there were no first reponders, it had to of just happened. U just don’t think ur going to be driving down the highway and see a lifeless body in the road, let alone be here one minute and next not. Thank u for all the responders and what they do on a daily basis. I personally know u guys do a good job. And I will continue praying for the families. Do we know the gentlemens name yet?

    • Leader says:

      No but we are having an email problem. Some next of kin had not been notified as of 2 a.m. so it had not yet been released. We are working diligently on it.

      • Vickie Adizas says:

        why they take so long that next of kin not notified? I am still emotionally dealing with this even thou I do not know the man involved. What I saw was traumatic.

        • Tabitha says:

          Vickie, unfortunately drivers license do not advise who is the next of kin. Sometimes it is difficult to locate a next of kin especially if the person is not married or lives alone. Next of kin is notified as quickly as possible.

  3. Melody says:

    So tragic, wish that everyone would just slow down and stop darting across :(
    Was this a local person that was fatally injured ? How is the driver of the SUV ?

    • Leader says:

      Sorry, we have made repeated inquiries to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol on both questions and so far have been unable to get any information. We will continue to try right through deadline. Don’t blame the troopers who handled the wreck–their assistance to us was exemplary despite a very difficult scene and extremely uncomfortable weather.

  4. Julie says:

    The guys of Northwest and of OTEMS have always approached every scene with the utmost respect for all involved and for the best interest/well being of all involved and also the protection and safety of passersby (which the public is not always the easiest to handle and balance amidst the trauma and chaos of a scene like that. Kuddos to the guys for handling each scene with the same urgency and integrity day in and day out. It’s not an easy job to be faced with that whether you know anyone involved or not. The scene was run efficiently, calmly and with precision. Prayers to the family in the loss of their loved one.

  5. deborah says:

    I had the pleasure of working with the gentleman who tragically lost his live in this senseless accident Saturday. We are all deeply saddened as this individual was first class all the way. He will be greatly missed.

  6. Maggie says:

    This accident was such a tragedy. A big thank you to the emergency personnel who were on scene and worked to help all those involved. My thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased. I do have this to say to the Leader, it was not necessary to use the photo that you printed in the paper. It is disrespectful to the deceased’s family. I’m pretty sure you could have gotten a photo that did not have a lifeless body covered with a sheet in it to show how horrific the scene was. It is quite tacky to print that for a headline. The deceased and the family deserve respect and prayers, not a final image printed on the front page of newspaper.