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Judges: Oquin fired for cause; no politics involved

[ 1 ] August 21, 2013 |

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Former Rogers County Special Judge Erin Oquin could have left the bench quietly on Aug. 9.

Instead, say two judges involved in her departure, Oquin misled the public and forced the district judges to correct the record: She was fired for cause that had nothing to do with her political aspirations.

District judges from eight counties decided Aug. 8 to fire her effective the next day, but had planned to simply say she was no longer a judge, said Rogers County District Judge Dynda Post and Mayes County District Judge Terry McBride.

“Why this is in the public realm I’m not sure. We (the district judges) certainly didn’t make any public announcement,” Post said.

Oquin, however, was anything but quiet. She announced that she was leaving the bench because she was running for District Attorney and posted a lengthy statement on her new campaign website.

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  1. Greg Smith says:

    This IS political and you are a FOOL if you believe for one second that it is not. The truth will come out eventually and justice will be served.