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Thieves go light on smokes

[ 0 ] August 14, 2013 |


City Editor

Two thieves broke into the Little Deer Smoke Shop north of Talala last week.

The burglars left behind thousands of dollars in tobacco products, but stole a nearly empty cash register.

The store was broken into just after 3 a.m. August 5. Rogers County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to the scene after the thieves set off the store alarm.

Store manager Linda Watters said the thieves first tried to kick through the front door, but they were stopped by a bar on the inside. Watters said they damaged an air conditioning unit trying to gain access to the building.

Next, they used a battery powered saw to cut off a bottom section of the door, according to the deputy’s report. Video surveillance shows two men crawling through the opening in the door.

One man jumped over the counter and grabbed a few items and the other man grabbed the cash register. Watters said one of the thieves took the key out of the front drawer of the register and left it behind.

Watters said there was about $14 in change in the register. After taking inventory, Watters discovered the men had taken three cartons of Marlboro cigarettes and a case of Black and Mild cigars, valued at about $250.

Watters said repairing the damage the thieves did would be more expensive than the items they stole. She estimated about $1,000 in damages and theft.

“The sheriff’s office responded immediately when the alarm went off. We turned the video over to them and they have been wonderful,” Watters said.

The deputy’s report states they found a black trash bag and an 18 volt Dewalt battery in front of the door when they arrived. Anyone with information on the crime should call the sheriff’s tip line at 918-341-3620.

Watters said this is the first time the store has been broken into under the current owners. She said they are trying to be proactive to keep it from happening again.

“We have beefed up our security system,” she said.

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