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Mine resurrected despite huge judgment

[ 3 ] June 27, 2012 |

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In a bitter irony, a mining operation declared dead almost a decade ago—leading to a $28-million court judgment against county taxpayers—apparently now is alive, well and ready to begin blasting operations.

Shocked and outraged county officials learned last week that Material Service has transferred its mining permit for 320 acres three miles south of Oologah to APAC-Central Inc., which plans to begin limestone mining there later this year.

“The board (of county commissioners) takes this very, very seriously,” said Assistant District Attorney David Iski, the board’s legal advisor.

A legal notice was published Jan. 6 and 13 in The Claremore Daily Progress announcing the proposal to transfer a permit from Material to APAC “for mining limestone through the surface mining method” and giving those who might be adversely affected 14 days to file comments, protests or requests for informal meetings with the Department of Mines.

The mining permit was officially transferred March 5, said Bret Sholar, environmental analyst/ecologist for the Department of Mines.

Residents near the mine site and county officials weren’t aware of the new activity involving the mine site, however, until a week or two ago when neighbors began receiving a letter dated June 7 from White Industrial Seismology, Inc.

The Joplin-based company said it had been hired to conduct tests on the neighboring properties.

Material, APAC and the mining commission did not contact the county about the new plan, said Iski and Larry Curtis, new director of the Planning and Zoning Commission. It isn’t clear that they had any obligation to do so.

No matter how much new information comes out because of the transfer, Iski noted, the legal case involving Material and the county is closed and cannot be reopened.

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  1. Bubba Redneck says:

    Ok I’m not the smartest redneck in the woods but I’m confused..not living in Oologah anymore but still having family there the only way I have been keeping up with this is by this website..but wasn’t the suit brought against the town for changing the zoning of the land that this company bought to where they couldn’t do the mining they were promised they could do??so how can this new company do the mining if the other company couldn’t…

    • Leader says:

      That’s a good question. Actually, the lawsuit was against the county, not the town since the area is outside the town limits.

  2. MineNeighbor says:

    Make it known that we are not only looking at a mining operation but their permit also is for a landfill once the mining is completed. What’s sad is that our neighbor sold out to this mining company without ANY regard for his friends and neighbors……….money is definitely the root of all evil!