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Graduation section preview

[ 11 ] May 13, 2017 |

Do you know this year’s graduates? We need some sharp eyes to give our Salute to the Class of 2017 a proofreading. We especially want to know if we have the wrong photo with the wrong biography. We go to press first thing Monday. Please help! Just click on the page numbers link to see the pdf files.

You can respond as a comment to this post or email to

Adams to Barnes, Waltimath-Torrio to Zacharian plus Roderick: 3B-22B

Bartleson to Branchcomb, Stogsdill to Wagoner: 4B-21B

Briggs to Clark, Sapp to Stegall: 5B-20B

Clinton to Cooper, Pankey to Rodgers: 6B-19B

Crook to Dixon, Miller to Ouverson: 7B-18B

Dohrn to Evans, Maeder to Miller: 8B-17B

Farbro to Goodner, Kallio to Madison: 9B-16B

Goossens to Hightower, Hollowell to Jones-Wilson: 10B-15B

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  1. Penny Morgan says:

    Please change Kate Morgan’s name to Katelynn Lee Morgan.

    Kate’s mom

  2. Aaron Millikin says:

    Kayla Rae Millikin. should be sponsored by Oologah Assembly of God. (we don’t know who the sponsor is you have listed). Her parent’s are Aaron and MaLinda Millikin. She is also in the 13 year club. She attended Bit by Bit for the last 2 years. Thank you for making these corrections.

    • Leader says:

      See bio on page 18B. She is sponsored by Remuda Land and Energy, which is a Barron family company. I’m sure they requested her because of her work at Bit by Bit

  3. Aaron Millikin says:

    and i know this isn’t the entire senior class… that can only be about half of them. and my daughter was present for a picture, and isn’t in this picture. where is the picture of the entire class?

    • Leader says:

      Your daughters photo and biography is on page 18. Click the link and you will see it. The photo of the senior favorites is just posted to get readers’ attention.

  4. Kenzie Kallio says:

    Megan Johnson is listed twice, once for herself and for Savanna Johnson

  5. Tonya Base says:

    Please change Casey Base from a two time state discus champion to a three time state discus champion! :)

  6. Emily Stogsdill says:

    Emily Stogsdill and Andrea Towns photos are mixed