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A bedtime story

[ 0 ] December 16, 2016 |

By Faith Wylie, Leader Writer

Once upon a time, there was a mama who snuggled little Jamie into bed and read stories. Jamie loved “Good Night, Moon.”

Johnny laughed at Dr. Seuss when Mommy read to him at bedtime.

Ethan’s daddy made engine noises when he read him books about cars.

Valerie always requested “The Velveteen Rabbit.” Aunt Celeste read Ian’s favorite, “Berenstain Bears.”

In those ancient times, there were no smart phones or tablets. Computers took up a whole room.

Children watched Sesame Street on the local PBS channel for free.

But Daddy or Grandma was always there to read a book or tell a story.

When the little tykes learned to read, they picked out a favorite story to read to Mom or Grandpa.

When video players were invented, children could watch their favorite Disney movie any old time. Children’s programming sprouted and grew on cable television.

Video games invaded the world of childhood.

Bedtime was no longer a special moment.

But then, something wondrous happened. Children discovered that reading could give them “Goosebumps” and transport them to the world of “Harry Potter.” A good book could still work magic.

Just before Christmas, a miracle happened. In that one week, more books were purchased for children and young adults than grown-ups.

The Wall Street Journal, that bastion of conservative adult journalism, published a Top Ten Hardcover Fiction list with no adult books.

During the week ending Nov. 27, all 10 of the top hardcover fiction books were for young readers.

Super-giant adult authors like James Patterson and John Grisham were pushed out of the top spot by “Diary of a Wimpy Kid #11.”

J.K Rowling created a world of “Fantastic Beasts.”

Disney knocked out four adult books with “Bedtime Favorites,” “Pixar Storybook,” “Princess Storybook” and “Frozen Storybook” all earning spots on the list.

And of course, “Pete the Cat Storybook,” “Star Wars the Original Trilogy,” “Little Critter” and Marvel’s “the Avengers Storybook” all worked their way to the Top Ten list.

This fairytale ends on Christmas, as kids and teens open their new books with shouts of joy. And they all read happily ever after.


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