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Oologah teens are titans

[ 1 ] November 3, 2016 |

By Faith Wylie

The mythical Titans were ancient divine beings of incredible strength.

Our Oologah teens also showed incredible strength of character when they crossed the football field to cheer for the underdog McLain Titans at Friday night’s game.

Just a few adult fans sat in the visitor stands. Seems that a student fan club does not travel with the McLain team.

At halftime, McLain was down 51-0. The Titans were in a tough position. The sideline was subdued.

The O-Zone fans decided to take action.

Kellie Capps, yearbook sponsor, tells the story.

O-Zone fans help the McLain cheerleaders cheer for the Titans. Photo courtesy Kellie Capps.

“The O-Zone went over and cheered with the Titan cheerleaders for the second half of the game.

“The Titan cheerleaders and football players were cheering, yelling, and dancing with our student section.

“They told me that it was the first time this year that they had fans to cheer with and for the team.

“Moments like that sure make me appreciate, even more, our fabulous community, students, and school!”

Leader sports correspondent Jennifer Hertel said the referees and McLain cheerleaders were skeptical at first. People relaxed when the O-Zone really did cheer for McLain.

Hertel said it had a noticeable effect on the McLain players.

They stood taller. They started cheering on their teammates and dancing with the cheer section.

The Titans also scored a few touchdowns. Maybe it was playing against the Oologah J.V. and freshmen. Or maybe it was the lift from having fans.

Monday night, those same teens were downtown helping youngsters have a safe and happy Halloween.

The student council and FFA chapter hosted fun activities for area families.

Maybe there’s something to living in the shadow of Will Rogers.

“I never met a man I didn’t like,” he was known to say.

So many teens and adults show that attitude.

Where else would the police, firefighters, medics and county road crew hang out and give candy to kids for a couple of hours?

Local business people also get in the Will Rogers spirit. Hey, it isn’t cheap to buy treats for a thousand children and teens.

Once again, I am proud to be from Oologah.

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  1. LaReesa Moore says:

    We have an amazing group of students at Oologah Schools and stories like this really warm your heart and show their exceptional character!