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DA alleges ‘unprecedented’ plot

[ 0 ] November 6, 2013 |

 By JOHN M. WYLIE II, Editor

District Attorney Janice Steidley and two key staffers contend that people and institutions ranging from a newspaper to an ousted judge are engaged in an “unprecedented” plot to smear them and destroy their lives.

They allege the plot includes a former judge bugging a bathroom to secretly tape an assistant DA, and also involves Claremore police officers and Sheriff Scott Walton misusing their offices to illegally damage or hinder the DA and her staff from performing official duties.

The claims are among 25 new allegations raised Monday in an amended lawsuit filed by Steidley, First Assistant Bryce Lair and civil assistant David Iski against the six petitioners who had sought a grand jury to investigate them, another assistant DA, and two county commissioners.

The Defendants are Claremore Investigator John Singer and Lt. Steve Cox, Sheriff Scott Walton, and citizens Russell Guilfoyle, Billy D. Jones and Myron Grubowski. All are being sued as individuals.

There also are 25 “John Doe” defendants who so far have not been named. Although new names are raised in the amended petition as being part of the plot, no new individuals were formally added as defendants.

Among the new names: The Claremore newspaper, already the target of the DA and her staff in a civil libel and slander suit; Edith Singer, a former assistant DA who now is an attorney in private practice and the wife of Claremore Police Investigator John Singer (who already is a target of the lawsuit); and former Special Judge Erin Oquin of Inola, who was fired from her position during the summer and now is a candidate for District Attorney.

The revised suit also contends that a motion to seal all grand jury documents, which was eventually tossed out, was unlawfully ghost written by Singer’s wife Edith.

It alleges the conspiracy with then-Judge Oquin was “to implement a plan to secretly record Assistant District Attorney Kathy Lohmeyer on Jan. 15, 2013” in a bathroom by speaker phone. The secret digital recording was “delivered directly to Defendant Singer to further his continuing and malicious efforts to ruin the careers of Plaintiffs” (Steidley, Iski and Lair).

The complete list of new allegations appears on pages 5-8 of the amended petition.

Here is a link to the document:

The case has been assigned to Tulsa County District Judge Carlos Chappelle.

As of Tuesday, none of the defendants had responded to the new petition other than to file notice with the court of who will serve as their attorneys.

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